Math & Entertainment!!

Here is a math related blog. I'll introduce some math topics from Japan.

About Me

Hi. I'm Mathbanker. I'm a japanese and a math lover.

I run another blog in japanese and I typed a lot of articles there about mathematics.

In this blog, I decided to translate them to Englsh so that I want to communicate with you over the wall of language. Also sometimes I'll post original one.

If you want to know interesting points on mathematics, check this blog weekly. I'll update the blog basically on every monday as japanese one.
This blog also introduce how to solve difficult entrance examination questions from universities in Japan. I would like to know what you thought in front of the questions.
Feel free to leave any comment, what you think on the comment boards. The comment boards are at the bottom part on each article.

My Englsh skill may be, however, not enough so articles can contain some grammer mistakes. If you find mistakes, pls tell me via comment board!!

Best Regards,